Rotary will honor all 2015-2016 Students of the Month from Amity whom the Club selected this past academic year. There will be food (including strawberries), drink, music, and fun.

It is the 61st annual Strawberry Festival held by the First Church of Christ in Woodbridge, and will be on the Green by the church at 5 Meetinghouse Lane, rain or shine.  Rotarians can assemble there at 5:30;  the event runs from 6 to 8 (somebody please note the correct use of the semicolon - my high school English teacher would be so proud!).  We’ll be treating the Students of the Month, and each of us will be responsible for our own dinner and shortcake.  

Reelin’ Away will entertain with old-time fiddle and banjo music. Burgers, cheeseburgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, salad, chips and drinks will be served. Strawberry shortcakes are made from scratch.  Incoming Prez Chris tells us that the recipe is so secret that ingredients are mixed in a series so the workers never know the full recipe. Anna promises that whatever the source, the shortcake is magnificent and the best in her considerable experience with Strawberry Festivals in Connecticut. The cost of the complete meal is $12, or $6 for just shortcake.