It’s lunch this week, with our Student of the Month!  See you at Woodbridge Social on Friday, 12:15!
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  We will have an Amber Alert Booth at the Massaro Farms Family Fun Day on Saturday, October 3rd in the afternoon.  If you can help with this, please contact Anna or Robyn.  This is a lot of fun!
FANTASY OF LIGHTS:  You’ll hear about the dates and times, but I’m not rushing this right now because I’m still trying to walk barefoot outside, not trying to think about… snow…
COMPUTER STUFF:  Prez Wonder Woman reminds us that Jessica has done an amazing job with our website and our Facebook page and we should go to these links and like and share stuff. 
CALENDAR: Do NOT forget all these fun events!
STUDENT OF THE MONTH: We will welcome the Student of the Month at our lunch meetings on September 25th, Oct 23, Nov 13, Jan 22, Feb 26, Mar 11, Apr 8, May 27.
THIS WEEKEND~!  NORTH HAVEN WINE AND ROSES:  Wine tasting fundraiser put on by North Haven Rotary.  September 27th, $35 per ticket.  You know you want to go.  We all want to go.  It’s fun and WE don’t have to work.  We just have to have fun.
ALSO THIS WEEKEND~!  MILFORD ROTARY OKTOBERFEST: Saturday, Sept 26, from 12 noon to 9 pm at Fowler Pavillion behind the library.  For a mere $10, there is a lot of entertainment to be had (a veritable plethora, in fact… look up those hard words, gang, we encourage dictionary use!). Proceeds directly benefit their charitable trust foundation that distributes over $25,000 in annual scholarships to local Milford students, which is pretty darn impressive.
Russell Hampton
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