Our Club
The Rotary Club of Woodbridge is the local club of Rotary International that serves the residents of the towns of Woodbridge and Bethany as well as the Westville area of New Haven, all nestled within the bucolic suburbs of New Haven County, Connecticut.
Although the Rotary Club of Woodbridge is unique in that it serves communities in three different towns, the towns of Woodbridge and Bethany and the area of Westville Village in the city of New Haven have a long shared history. Woodbridge, sitting just northwest of Westville and south of Bethany, was carved out of land belonging to New Haven in 1739. Bethany was then further carved from Woodbridge in 1832.
Starting in Westville and traveling northwest through Woodbridge and Bethany, one would see a gradual progression from urban to rural living. Westville is a mixed-use district of New Haven, home to many pubs, restaurants, art galleries, and antique shops.  Westville also boasts membership on both the Connecticut List of Historic Places (Suburban Westville Historic District) and the National Register of Historic Places (Westville Village Historic District). Westville Center has also been officially designated as a "Connecticut Main Street."
Although one can still find ruins of the hideout used by the Regicides (three judges who signed the death warrant for King Charles I of England in 1661), Woodbridge has represented less political pursuits in recent times. With a commercial businesses in the area bordering on Westville, the northerly part of town is decidedly greener and its town center is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as Woodbridge Green Historic District.
Bethany is the most remote of the three areas as it is sparsely-enough populated to retain its rural character. Despite the opening of the Bethany Airport in 1923 (one of the first in New England), there remains active dairying and agriculture in town and Bethany is dotted with reservoirs. In 2007, Bethany was named Connecticut's #1 Small Town by Connecticut Magazine. Bethany and Woodbridge both participate in the same regional school district.